Selling In The Current Climate

This constantly evolving situation has made the Real Estate Industry think about how we interact with buyers and sellers and how we show properties to people who may not want to (or can’t) leave their homes.

Here’s a quick look at the tech and processes Bellcourt Property Group is deploying to continue serving our clients through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Digital Property Tours

A coming together of professional photography and floor plans to help buyers navigate through your property. Clicking on certain places on the floor plan will display corresponding photos inclusive of lines showing the photographer’s orientation. This is a very cost effective way to give buyers a more in depth experience of your home.

Click here to experience a Digital Property Tour

3D Virtual Tour

This is about as close as one can get to walking through your home, without walking through it! This technology feels just like using Google Earth. You can jump from spot to spot and turn 360 degrees to view everything around you. Buyers may actually notice more of the finer details of your home by way of a 3D Virtual Tour than they otherwise would rushing through a Home Open with a bunch of other buyers.

Click here to experience a 3D Virtual Tour


An Informal Video Walk Through

Professional property videos are fantastic. They present your home in the best possible light and home owners always enjoy sharing them on social media with friends and family. Buyers like them too. But an off the cuff video taken with an iPhone can be taken and uploaded within minutes and gives buyers more insight into the layout and scale of your home.


Targeted Social Media

As people spend more time inside and less time socializing, social media becomes more important and social media usage no doubt increases. To get your home in front of more eyes, Facebook advertising is the perfect option. It’s highly targeted, down to the viewer’s location, age, income and interests. Bellcourt Property Group has been using targeted social media advertising for a while and I think it’s going to become even more important in the coming months.


Further Qualification of Buyers

Making sure that someone is actually in a position to buy and that the property suits their basic needs has always been a part of an Agent’s job, but in the current climate there are 3 more questions we’re asking;

  • Have you returned from overseas travel in the past 21 days?
  • Have you had any contact with someone that is unwell?
  • Have you felt unwell recently?
New Guidelines at Home Opens

To ensure the safety of our sellers and other home open attendees we ask the following;
  • Please don't touch any surfaces or open any cupboards. Please ask the agent to assist you if you'd like to look inside anything.
  • Please don't enter the property if you've been overseas in the last two weeks, been advised to self quarantine or tested for COVID-19 or have any cold or flu symptoms. We will be happy to organise a virtual tour for you at another time.
  • To comply with recommendations on social distancing we may need to ask you to wait to enter until another buyer has left the property. We appreciate your patience and understanding if this happens.
  • Providing your mobile number and/or email address is a condition of entry. This way we can send you an e-brochure of the property and get in contact if needed in the event that we become aware of any risk of any COVID-19 infection.
  • Until such time as the health advice changes we won't be shaking hands - feel free to give us a wave instead!


Everything is a little bit crazy at the moment but the family who outgrew their home 3 months ago still needs to upsize. The young couple looking to move closer to work would still prefer to buy than rent.

If you’re thinking of selling but you’re not sure if there’s a way to do so successfully in the current climate, you’re not alone but there is a way.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your property plans.